This year I'm aiming to produce 5 episodes of my newest creative endeavor, The Grand Adventures of Pip Rogers (maybe I should preemptively coin an acronym, GAPR?). These episodes will essentially be "chapters" of a continuing story and will be posted here on this blog, along with an accompanying soundtrack. I've talked about this endeavor before, but just updated the "elevator pitch" as I'm writing this, so I'll provide it here as well:

The Grand Adventures of Pip Rogers chronicles the journey of a bold youth throughout the exotic and diverse seas of Rijeka as she strives to become a Captain in the Council’s Navy. Face to face with an impending war, her militant attitude is checked by the good-natured captain of The Spirit of the Arrow, the ship that she works on.

Pip’s struggle to shape her future is guided by and, ultimately, entangled in the individual journeys of the unconventional crew under the command of the enthusiastic and tenacious Captain Crawford. In an unexpected turn of events, Pip and the crew find themselves on the front line of the anti-war effort. Confronted with conflict between country, friendship, and inner-demons, Pip and the crew begin to realize that their actions will not only determine their futures, but the fate of the war itself.

This is a sneak peak of the first song I've got down, the theme for the main character, Pip.

GAPR Soundtrack: Pip's Theme

Now the acronym is official. 

I was going for a light-hearted, island-like adventure theme. It was pointed out to me afterward that it has a "Zelda Wind Waker"-like feel, which I totally agree with and am happy about, since the story parallels a lot of the heart behind Wind Waker. 

What about the actual story?

I'm working on it, okay?! I'm trying to be more dedicated on putting forth weekly effort and have almost made it through the first rough (ROUGH) draft of Episode 1. 

Ideally, the first episode will make it's way to this blog before the end March, with new episodes releasing about every two months, so that I reach my goal of 5 by the end of the year.

Stay tuned.